Cargo Handling

Optimization of Cargo Handling Processes

Logistic processes often are errorprone and costly exactly where the interfaces between the companies involved in the supply chain are: delivery, shipment and the change of means of transportation - loading, reloading and unloading cargo.

In the course of process optimisation in the cargo handling area it is important to monitor ongoing operations completely and automatically on one side as well as to manage and control them on the other side.

Technologies of automatic identification, e.g. Barcode and RFID, as well as mobile and wireless communication can be used to achieve significant benefits in automa-ted process monitoring and management.

Successful realisation of potential benefits can be accomplished by our powerful soft-ware platform, which is not only capable to monitor events in real time, but also allows efficient control by an integrated workflow management.

Main potential benefits are:

  • Reduction of truck dispatch time
  • Optimized allocation of resources
  • Elimination of errorprone media breaks
  • Clear documentation of operations

Automated Truck Dispatching

Incoming and outgoing trucks are auto-matically identified by RFID and visualized by the system. Thus the supervisor can perfectly control opera-tions of cargo handling.

Since all captured data is being held in a historic database, dispatching events can be understood anytime and used for analysis to improve processes or for documentation in negotiations with cargo carriers.

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