Forklift Control

Automated Forklift Control increases productivity and efficiency in stock keeping and truck loading

The use of forklifts and other vehicles in internal logistics can be significantly optimised by an intelligent control system, that manages these important resources very effectively and extremely efficiently.

In combination with a terminal, that visualises important process information on the vehicle, the driver can be informed quickly and free of misunderstandings about queued orders.

Additionally, data from order execution can be captured and provided directly to the respective data processing systems. Also, automatic identification, e.g. via barcode, can be integrated perfectly.

Forklift Control can be a central compo-nent, accompanied by automated stock keeping and/or an automated truck loading, generating synergies.

The degree of automation can be tailored to your individual requirements and general conditions.

Wireless - not helpless - LAN

The onboard PC of a forklift has to be attached wirelessly to the local network due to technical reasons. Exactly this is a kind of a problem, since the wireless connection cannot be guaranteed to 100 percent.

With even'cy® MOBILE we ensure, that the data that has been captured onboard when executing orders, e.g. stock keeping records, are neither lost nor booked twice.

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