Automated Management of Picking for Production or Shipment

The picking of material for production or goods for shipment can be automated excellently using mobile data capturing and automatic barcode identification.

Your employees receive picking information directly at their current location of work on mobile devices like handhelds or fork-lift terminals, which are connected by a wireless network.

Data capturing is automated with a barcode scanner. A mobile application performs plausibility checks and informs the worker immediately about detected misunderstandings and mistakes. This way, errors are avoided effectively.

Depending on the kind of implementation in your solution, data is synchronized automatically and securely with even'cy® SERVER or your central enterprise system.

Picture on the right: Application on the heavy duty handheld MobiScan

Mobile application on the heavy duty handheld MobiScan

Correct Picking and Relieved Workers

Picking with manual data capturing is inefficient and prone to errors.

Eliminate paper and biro in your stock and relieve your employees in the stock office of piles of paper that have to be copied in tedious work.

Efficient picking with automated and mobile data capturing noticeable relieves your workers and significantly provides better quality.

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