even'cy® as a standardized platform for tailored solutions
Stock Keeping Stock Keeping
Correct and complete
capturing of stock changes.
Random Storage Random Storage
Stock keeping and item location visualisation of random storage.
Material Tracking Material Tracking
Automated documentation and monitoring of material flow and use.
Container Management Container Management
Visualisation and control of container flow in closed loops.
Forklift Control Forklift Control
Automated management and control of forklifts in stock keeping and cargo handling.
Parking Lot Management Parking Lot Management
Visualisation of space allocation and process automation in car logistics.
Workshop Facility Tracking Workshop Facility

Monitoring of valuable mobile item on your yard.
Cargo Handling Cargo Handling
Monitoring and navigation of vehicles and process automation in cargo handling.
Picking Picking
Efficient picking of material or goods without paper with more quality.