Container Management

Container Management for Supply, Production and Shipment

Purchase planning and control of container supplies can benefit from RFID based container management with significant savings up to 30%. Transparency about current container locations and key performance indicators from container flow are the key.

RFID readers, located at strategic posi-tions, capture the movements of RFID-tag-equipped containers automatically. A cen-tral software monitors and controls the container flow in your logistics.

Visualisation and reporting show locations as well as circulation speed. With this information you can achieve significant benefits by extended control of related processes and costs - for more customer satisfaction and profit.

Achieve multiple potential benefits:

  • Reduction of spare capacities

  • Direct allocation of container costs

  • Reliable track and trace

  • Automated control of material flow

  • Avoidance of production interruptions

  • Elimination of costly search for missing containers

  • Immediate detection of lost and misrouted items
  • Saving Costs In Material Flow

    You can save considerable costs in logistics - externally with suppliers and customers as well as internally - by reliable transparency.

    Automated container management with RFID not only captures required data for cost saving process optimisations, but also provides your systems of pro-duction and resource planning with operational information in real time.

    Reliable information from material flow enables you to achieve cost savings, delivery on time and process quality - especially for KANBAN and Just-in-Time logistics.

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