Stock Keeping

Automated Stock Keeping supports Just in Time Delivery and avoids costly Errors

Correct information about stock on hand is essential prerequisite for successful production planning and shipment management in order to meet delivery time limits. Errorprone media breaks and incomplete stock change capture lead to wrong information about stock on hand. Costly interruptions are the consequences which can be avoided by automated stock keeping.

For automated stock keeping barcodes or RFID tags will be attached to containers, boxes or pallets.

On their way through production and shipment processes the units can be identified quickly and clearly. Stationary or mobile readers capture the movements and the central server reports reliably to the systems that record and hold the stock on hand. By eliminating media breaks, sources of costly errors will be extensively

closed and plausibility checks can be done right away on the scene of action.

The kind of technology of automatic identification that suits your circumstances and requirements best will be seamlessly integrated with intelligent data mana-gement software. Tailored functionalites to control and manage the processes can be provided. Interfaces to other systems complete the solution.

Secure Your Delivery Time Limits

Especially in the supply chain, reliability of delivery time limits is more than foundation of customer satisfaction - it is a basic prerequisite for competitiveness.

The ongoing optimisation of production processes requires that all participating partners of the supply chain deliver in demanded quantity in best quality just in time. Always correct information about stock on hand is one of the core pre-requisites to accomplish expectations.

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