Random Storage

Manage Your Random Storage With Transparency And Efficiency Manage Your Random Storage With Transparency And Efficiency

In many industrial companies, that produce larger products, random storage is the right stock organisation. Unfortunately, random storage usually is somewhat of "chaotic storage". Absence of transparency and sometimes even missing information about items on stock impedes correct production planning and lead to increased costs of stock management. With state-of-the-art technology and our even'cy® SMART POSITIONING you bring transparency into your random storage management and make "chaos" part of your past.

The central software stores and visualizes current stock items right on the spot and permits fast access - random access!

Stock-entry and stock-removal to carried out are displayed on a worker's handheld or a fork-lift terminal, visualizing correspon-ding items right on the spot.

Communication with the workers on the scene is digital and therefore not only fast, but also free of error-prone media breaks.

Interfaces to systems of production plan-ning and control (PPS) as well as enter-prise resource planning (ERP) integrate our solution seamlessly into your IT environment.

Productivity By Transparency

Random Storage with item allocation right on the spot creates maximum trans-parency and efficiency in storage mana-gement - without chaos.

The combination of high-resolution GPS, technology of automatic identification and mobile communication enables for a comprehensively automated process management.

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