Material Tracking

Permanently increasing demands for quality require complete documentation of material flow Permanently increasing demands for quality require complete documentation of material flow.

Processes in the production are complex and optimized as good as possible in regard of productivity and quality. Intensified laws of product liability and high follow-up costs of shipment of faulty products demands that the production process is documented well to supply evidence for care in your production.

Impeccable tracing of material and components is feasible with the use of technologies of automatic identification in conjuction with a powerful and flexible software plattform.

Using a central software platform enables an efficient and costsaving data management between identifcation hardware on one side and your central legacy applications on the other side. Even heterogeneous identification technologies, e. g. barcode and RFID can be integrated

and used on the same software infra-structure, in order to manage process information close to the assembly line.

This way, numerous contextual data of your production is not stressing your ERP system. You have fast access to this data, that can be processed in specific applications. In addition, you will achieve transparency regarding material flow in your internal logistics with valuable information about productivity.

Control Of Material Flow

Centrally organized provision of pro-duction with material and components is optimizing your internal logistics.

Still, required transparency and infor-mation to control and manage your logistics is missing.

Most of all in KANBAN and just-in-time logistics, reliable and neartime infor-mation from material flow ensures that cost control, time limits and process quality can be achieved.

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