Parking Lot Management

Automated Management of Parking Lots

It is important to interim storage of large quantities of vehicles that handling processes are supported with flexibility and free of errors. Maximum transparency about the current allocation of the parking spaces is crucial to achieve best service level and meet time limits with cost efficiency. Mobile technology and global positioning system (GPS) in conjunction with automatic identification is the foundation of our integrated solution.

The central parking lot management visualises both, maximum capacity and current allocation of parking spaces on the lot.

Vehicles are clearly identified, being equipped with barcodes or RFID tags, and assigned to available spaces auto-matically by the system or manually by the supervisor. Those allocation orders are carried out by the personnel, who commu-

nicate by wireless connected handhelds. On the scene they can capture additional information, such as mileage or detected damages.

With even'cy® SMART POSITIONING - a GPS-based solution with high resolution - vehicles can be positioned precisely, even on huge parking areas. Besides, indoor service processes can be tracked and controlled by automatic identification.

Productivity By Transparency In Parking Lot Management

Our parking lot management solution creates maximum transparency and efficiency in the administration and management of vehicle handling - espe-cially for so called "chaotic" allocation of parking space or random access to individual cars.

The combination of high resolution GPS and technologies of automatic identi-fication allows a comprehensive auto-mated process management.

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